About Us

Hi my name is Louisa also known as Lou and I am the founder of loustylez. 

Back in 2016 I began buying wigs to hide my hairloss. Unfortunately I wasn't satisfied, they didn't look right and didn't feel right. 

I understand how it feels to loose hair along with the physical and emotional affect it can have. Having never worn wigs before it was important that they looked natural and felt comfortable, so I started researching alopecia, hairloss and wigs. After alot of trials and errors I began making wigs for myself, practice then became prefect and in 2019 I realised that this was something I was really passionate about and wanted to support other women like myself suffering with alopecia/hairloss so I created loustylez.

Loustylez is 100 percent black-owned and all our wigs are created with women of colour in mind. We believe that by providing texture in our wigs can give back a little of what you lost and help you to feel more comfortable and confident when wearing them.

All wigs can be worn glue-less or glued and comes custom made to your own head size just for you.

                                                  - louisa